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Wine List

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CHEF PAUL’S CHOICE:……………………………………………………………Bottle....Glass
Mystic Celt House Pinot Grigio 2013                                                      €22.00….€6.00
Mancurra Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Chile                                                   €22.00….€6.00
Bouchard Áine + Fils 2014 Chardonnay                                                  €22.00 €6.00
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Reserve De L'aube Merlot 2013                                                               €22.00….€6.00
Mancurra Cabernet Sauvignon 2014                                                         €22.00….€6.00
****You may dance like a Butterfly & Sting like a bee
Try any of the above for the Perfect Harmony……Slainte.***
White Wines
Name of Wine                                                                                             Price
1. De Martino Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2015                                                  €24.00
On the nose, this Sauvignon Blanc is clean, fresh and intense,
with citrus and pear notes, as well as a light herbal touch, giving
a fresh and attractive finish.
2. Les Fumée Blanche Sauvignon Blanc2015                                                       €27.00
A fresh, dry Sauvignon. Crisp with good tropical flavours and a long clean finish
3. 3 Wooly Sheep Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014/15                                 €32.00
Aromas of citrus and limes with elderflower and grapefruit notes.
The palate is concentrated with lemon zest, stone fruit and floral
flavours filling the mouth.
4. Marquis de Goulaine Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2012                                  €29.00
Aromas of gooseberries and fresh cut grass. A pure youthful Loire wine with zingy
acidity and leafy hints coming through on the finish.
5. Marquis de Goulaine Sancerre Les Lorya 2012                                                 €50.00
An expressive wine, with floral and fruity notes; slightly vegetal. The palate is fresh
on the attack, really fleshy and full-bodied with Sauvignon characteristics.
Rose Wine ¼ bottle
6. Devil’s Ridge White Zinfandel Rose                                                                    €7.00
Off-dry and full of strawberries, round and easy drinking style with crisp finish.
Red Wines
Name of Wine                                                                                                       Price
7. De Martino Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014                                                       €24.00
Fruity and elegant, intense notes of red fruit, cassis, blackberries and spices.
Full and fresh with a concentrated feel on the palate and well balanced oak.
8. La Griveliere Côtes-Du-Rhône 2014                                                                       €25.50
Light and fruity on the nose, with cherry, raspberry, earth and barnyard aromas
and a pleasing spiciness. It has vibrant acidity on the palate, with slightly sour red
fruit and spice notes and a rustic quality.
9. Castellani Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2013 Italy                                                             €25.00
Medium bodied, ruby red. Intense ripe bramble fruit aromas..
10. Bouchard Aíné et Fils Fleurie 2013                                                                                €40.00
Flowery, fruity aromas. Subtle and well-balanced. A richly-flavoured silky wine
with plenty of body.
11. Argento Grende Malbec 2014 Argentinian                                                                   €25.00
Ruby in colour, with dark purple. Red berries and violet on the nose. A powerful fruity
that is soft and elegant with fine tannins on the palate.
12 Big Oak Red Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon South Africa 2013                                          €26.50
Deep ruby with dark berry aromas, oak spice and black pepper on the nose.
Smooth textured tannins support the well balanced perfectly integrated blend
right through to a vibrant juicy finish.
Name of Wine                                                                                                                   Price
Proves Frizzante Italy                                                                                                           €29.00
A fresh, floral and fruity prosecco, with rose and peach aromas.
Taittinger Nocturne Champagne                                                                                             €88.00